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With 25+ years offering tarot card readings, I can provide you with an accurate and professional tarot reading. Explore this page to learn about how an intuitive card reader can work with you to provide guidance and insights.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Contemporary Psychology

History has shown that superstition and fanaticism prove dangerous. Equally hollow is the extreme of rationality which banishes anything that can’t be tangibly measured.

In the 30s’ the pre-eminent psychologist Carl Jung gave a lecture in which he spoke of the tarot saying that the cards “combine in certain ways, and the different combinations correspond to the playful development of mankind.”

The archetypes contained in the tarot speak to us at a deep level. Jung believed that whether through dream analysis, tarot or many other tools, we can access the wisdom of the cosmos to help us individuate and become more whole.

Often people come to see me for a reading because no amount of talking or navel gazing gives them adequate answers to make sense of a crisis or internal tension in their life.

The poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson said that, “The Shell Must Break Before The Bird Can Fly.”

In my experience, the tarot with its imagery and capacity to stir our mythic imagination is a marvellous tool to help us look at things with fresh eyes and a sense of optimism.

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Online Tarot Reading

I work with tarot clients at my premises in the Blue Mountains, travel to you if you’d like a tarot card reading in Sydney, do psychic readings in Penrith, tarot readings in Richmond, as well as offer online tarot readings via zoom/ messenger and also do tarot readings by phone.

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Psychic, Clairvoyant, Fortune Teller, Medium - What’s The Difference?

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Psychic | Intuitive

Definition: Lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge

Psychics, or intuitives, are people born with the innate ability to connect with the collective unconscious or who have developed this muscle through meditation, spiritual development and mindful living. Almost everyone recognises moments when they have had a flash of intuition. For psychics, it is a regular occurrence rather than an unusual one.

A psychic is someone who demonstrates exceptional sensitivity, perception, or understanding of the nonphysical world.



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Clairvoyant | Fortune Teller 

Definition: A person with a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future

Clairvoyants experience psychic phenomena in a visual way. Popular culture portrays fortune tellers as people who look into crystal balls to divine the future. They differ from psychics who experience psychic phenomena more through feelings and thoughts. Edgar Cayce had this ability, predicting WWII, the stockmarket crash of 1929 & many other significant events.

A clairvoyant, or psychic medium, is someone with clear vision, able to see beyond the physical realm to gain a vision of what is to come.



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Medium | Spirit Channel

Definition: A human instrument used by discarnate, spirit being(s)

A medium is a go-between for the physical realm and non-physical realm, similar to Hermes acting as the messenger of the gods for mortals in Greek mythology. Mediums mediate communication between the dead and the living as well as connect people with more evolved beings, often referred to as spirit guides. Some mediums go into trance states, while others remain present during the encounter.

A medium is someone with the ability to communicate with spirit guides or the spirit of a person who has passed on, in order to relay important messages or comfort those still alive.


Psychic Reading

A tarot reading with me follows the psychic approach in that I am able to tune into your energy and the cards, feeling or sensing elements of your past, present & future. Essentially, I rely on my intuition and psychic ability to give you the messages which are important.

I am NOT a fortune teller, nor do I answer precise questions such as “When will I meet the love of my life?” Many of my clients have remarked that the insights I gave them proved to be surprisingly accurate but I cannot tell you ahead of time if you will be given a very detailed piece of information.

Clairvoyant Reading

If there is an area of your life you do want guidance about, I encourage you to hold that intention while you are shuffling and cutting the cards. Just to repeat, if you are looking for a fortune teller I recommend you look for a dedicated clairvoyant reading rather than a tarot reading.

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This short video answers some commonly asked questions about how tarot works. The FAQS section below covers other questions relating to tarot readings.

Tarot Card Reading: FAQs

  • Why tarot cards work.

    Finding clarity and guidance in our lives is becoming ever harder due to the complexity and demands of modern life. Access to wise elders has dipped. Many of us don’t have high functioning family members to draw on. While finding answers within ourselves is proving harder as our connection with Read More
  • Can tarot predict the future? Is tarot accurate?

    No, I’m not a fortune teller. Many people seek out a psychic reading or future tarot reading, because they want someone to provide a quick fix for a deep issue. Rather than provide psychic readings where you’re told what is going to happen in your future or what you should Read More
  • How does tarot work?

    On a material level, a reader takes a number of cards from the deck and arranges them in what is known as a spread. They then draw on their knowledge to interpret each of the cards in relation to its individual meaning, its position in the spread and its relationship Read More
  • Tarot cards prediction. Why tarot among types of divination?

    Many people think of divination as predicting the future. But another definition of it is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown by supernatural means.” From this perspective, tools of divination work to reveal the root cause of blockages and emotional unease so that people can move forward in Read More
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Tarot Fortune Telling

A standard tarot deck of 78 cards leads to 3, 651, 648 possible combinations in a 3-card spread. Imagine the combinations the collective unconscious can create in one of the 10-card spreads I use?

While exploring the mysterious nature of existence Carl Jung coined the term Synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences, to argue for the existence of the paranormal. His view was that the more a person pursues inner development the stronger the messages they receive from higher intelligence.

Jung’s work on archetypal imagery, concepts like the collective unconscious and synchronicity, have helped validate the practice of tarot reading as an instrument to connect people with their inner-selves. As he expressed it:

“They [tarot] are sort of archetypal ideas, of a differentiated nature, which mingle with the ordinary constituents of the flow of the unconscious, and therefore it is applicable for an intuitive method that has the purpose of understanding the flow of life, possibly even predicting future events…”

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Our Wellness Centre backs onto bushland, allowing nature to centre you for a reading

Tarot Cards Prediction, Archetypal Wisdom And Other Articles

The following articles go into some greater depth on the psyche and how tarot can be a powerful bridge in linking our conscious minds and the infinite wisdom of the collective unconscious.

Before Booking a Tarot Card Reading in Sydney …

...you might find my youtube video useful in describing how a reading can help you understand yourself better, instigate your inner journey and help you move forward in your life.


Tarot Courses Sydney

Would you like to learn tarot reading? I offer an introductory and intermediate tarot reading course in Sydney. Our group tarot class is fun and illuminating.

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Tarot: Parlour Game, Con or Bona Fide Resource?

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Parlour Game

Tarot decks have long been used as a harmless and fun activity. One person looks at the cards or images and makes some interpretations or projections based on how well they know the person they are reading for. Neither takes it too seriously.

Con Artistry

Others believe it to be a form of hocus-pocus used by unscrupulous people to prise money out of trusting, or desperate people. As with any field of expertise, it is true that some practitioners are exploitative. The combination of a few bad apples and a reverence for rationalism sees many people throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Genuine Esoteric Tool

A third option is that it is used in a bona fide way. It is worth nothing that Western Psychology, or the scientific study of the mind, is a relatively new field. Freud is often dubbed as the father of Psychology. His ideas are only a century old.

The sacred approach, common to tribal and ancient cultures, is much older. It sees people receiving their greatest learning from intuition, dreams and story. Carl Jung was a student of Freud’s who moved beyond his ideas, which were very ego oriented. Jung possessed more balance in terms of masculine and feminine approaches. One could say he was more soul oriented or holistic.


Beyond the Conscious Mind

tarot psychology

Like Freud, Jung concluded that we each have our own Personal Conscious that holds all our memories and knowledge. Less than 10% of an icebergs volume is viewable from the surface. Psychology suggests that our Personal Conscious is just the minority of our real makeup.

Our Personal Unconscious holds memories we have forgotten or repressed. Not only is it harder to access, we’re generally unaware of it. Despite our ignorance, it still makes an impact and reveals itself as imbalances or neuroses in an individual. Psychology has often employed hypnosis to access these memories for therapeutic reasons. Just as hypnosis can bypass ones subconscious gatekeeper, so can the Tarot reveal repressions through their imagery.

Jung argued that there was another Unconscious realm, that of the Collective Unconscious. It is not personal to particular individuals; but connects and belongs to us all. It is made up of Symbols and Archetypes. Jung described it as, “The transcendental wisdom that guides mankind, a universal library of knowledge that is innate, rather than acquired by education or conscious effort.”

An Archetype is a pattern of behaviour that repeats itself over and over again. Every situation in life has an Archetype or Archetypal Behaviour associated with it. Films, books and other forms of culture are replete with them. Take a popular Archetype, like the Hero.


Read More...Beyond The Conscious Mind

Ready to Move Forward?

intuitive pathways

Many people are drawn to the Tarot in the same way people are drawn to comfort food, empty television or other escapes. They dearly want to be told that their life is going to be wonderful and everything will work out in their favor without any effort on their part.

Instead of engaging with the empowering theme of the Hero Archetype, they opt for the Orphan Archetype, which retreats into victimhood or fantasy thinking that requires no personal participation in an outcome. Lacking love, it’s easy to dream of being rescued by a prince (codependency), or lacking money, imagining a lottery win is more rewarding than dealing with the fact that one fails to practice discipline, forward planning or delayed gratification.

Carl Jung once pointed out that, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Becoming aware of your Unconscious mind and its messages for you is very valuable. But it is only when we act on things that our circumstances change.

Take a common, real world example. Let’s say a spread reveals a theme of having a manipulative, narcissistic partner in your life. This may service with The Queen of Swords whose shadow side is that of a master game player, liar, manipulator who believes their own delusions. The symbolism is shared with a client who then goes on to talk about having a controlling or abusive partner. Maybe they knew that very clearly before they came. 

Read More... About Moving Forward

Career Advice

Wanting to find greater alignment and passion for your work? Read an extract from The Different Drummer to see if this ebook resonates with you.


Best Psychic Readings Sydney - What Clients Are Saying

  • Tarot Reader Sydney

    Ginny is an amazing reader of the Tarot - she's not only supremely intuitive, but she is a terrific communicator with enormous compassion. I have consulted with her twice and won't go anywhere else - even though I need to travel to see her. Once you find someone this good, you don't let them go! Thank you so much, Ginny, for helping me find my direction.- W Guest
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