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In an era with more job types and options than ever before, finding a great match between a workplace and your unique skillsets, values and passions is a process too few people invest in. Finding a satisfying and challenging career has become akin to the grail quest. 


Resume Writing Services

Between a resume, cover letter, selection criteria, personality tests & job interview(s), getting past HR gatekeepers can be quite a feat. Even more so if you're going for a creative or socially meaningful role which is very competitive. Standing out from the herd is essential.


Career Coaching

Delve into the lives of those rarities who’ve found expression of their life purpose & you find they went through a long and difficult process. We each have our blindspots. Clarity is essential, but so too is receiving ongoing support until integration is reached.


Business Advice

Looking to start a business or in need of some support or business development? Self-employment can be very rewarding, but rocky. Be it some planning, marketing or a range of practical applications, I can help you reach your small business aspirations.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

“It is surely significant that the adults who feature in children's books are rarely, if ever, Regional Sales Managers or Building Services Engineers."

― Alain de Botton

How many hours have you spent working? How much more will you spend working? Add them up and you’ll be left with rather a large number. Now write down how many hours you have spent receiving professional guidance determining your career path and plan. Chances are this last figure pales in comparison. It is quite strange that we readily submit ourselves to years of study and financial burdens in pursuing our careers but invest so very little in determining whether the careers we set after will be a good fit for us.

Most people career drift, fall into things, follow the prodding's of their parents or chase dreams that turn out to be mirages. A fortunate few start out with a knowing, while others eventually stumble onto their path, but the sad fact is that most people die with their music still locked up inside them, to use a phrase of Benjamin Disraeli’s.

Part of the challenge is that there is no easy formula to follow. Some people will get their clarity from investigating core factors such as their values, talents etc. But the most valuable career findings today suggest that people respond best by being provoked with atypical approaches and having someone tour with them through their lives and careers to help locate and connect the dots.

Just as panning for gold is a specialist skill, so too is having a competent excavator who can better help you find those veins of gold hidden within you.

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Resume Writing Services

resume writing services

“To put your ideas into action is the most difficult thing in the world.” ― Goethe

Resume Writers

You may have clarity as to the right career for you but need help securing your dream job through a compelling job application. Having spent many years working in both recruitment for organisations and assisting job seekers as a professional resume writer (reverse recruiting) I offer resume writing services designed to make you stand out from the pack.

Cover Letter Writing 

Many people take a scatter gun approach to job seeking, sending out the same resume to numerous employers. Recruiters often discard job applications that are simply resumes, assuming that the prospective employee isn’t overly motivated to get the job if they have failed to include a cover letter.

In addition to making your application more personal, a cover letter is an opportunity to summarise your suitability and express your enthusiasm for a position.  My cover letter writing service helps to express your unique value proposition, enabling you to craft future covering letters yourself.

Responding To Selection Criteria 

Depending on the technical nature of the position you’re applying for, I can offer guidance or help write your response to selection criteria. 

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Career Coaching

career coaching

“There is no stimulus like that which comes from the consciousness of knowing that others believe in you.”

– Orison Marden

Having a lack of clarity into your vocational fit and life purpose is only half the battle. Many people know or intuit what they should be doing but remain hampered by self-doubts, fears and fluctuating motivation levels.

Over the years I have been fortunate in finding mentors who have seen and affirmed glimpses of my potential when I struggled to see it myself. Just as our negative belief systems and habits of behaviour have developed over a long period of time, it can take time to unthread old patterns and establish new ones. Utilising a period of coaching is a great way to help cultivate your transition into a life by design.

My career coaching service can help you with progressing in your existing role, transitioning into a career you desire or supporting you as you birth and build a business venture.

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Business Advice

business advice

No one-not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses-ever makes it alone.

― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

Establishing or growing a small business is a challenging task which is why 60% of startups close down within 3 years according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Entrepreneurs are better than most at wearing many hats but very few master every aspect of a business. The majority draw on support from other people be they marketers, accountants, legal advisors etc.

The world of small business is more dynamic than ever before. You may do everything right and gather great momentum in your venture only to be blindsided by factors out of your control such as the Covid–19 situation has proved.

Having grown up with parents who ran small businesses, consulted with many small business operators during my recruitment work and run my own enterprises, I have a wealth of experience to offer you business support and development.

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"Symptoms as such are not our enemy, but our friend; where there are symptoms there is conflict, and conflict always indicates that the forces of life which strive for integration and happiness are still fighting.” - Dr Erich Fromm.

career counselling for adults

Perhaps you feel anchored by a dispiriting work life, unfulfilling relationship, unhealthy family dynamics, or have simply noticed that life seems to have lost its lustre. Having known what it is like to face each of these anguishes, I have both first-hand experience in turning things around and a great deal of empathy for people battling them. I pride myself on being authentic and walking the talk. With both a natural gift for this work and a burning passion for it, I am constantly deepening my understanding and studies in these areas.

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