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Reconnect With Your Essential Self In A Blue Mountains Bushland Setting

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A variety of healing modalities are offered during the retreat


Healing Retreat NSW

Shifting Your Paradigm

Looking for something a little different from a yoga retreat/meditation centre or perhaps undergo something more transformative than simply unwinding at a health and wellness retreat?

Therapeutic retreat centers have different focuses. Our program takes a mind, body and spirit approach utilising modalities such as breathwork, reiki, spiritual healing, intuitive counselling, the tarot and more.


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Holistic Healing

Aligning Body, Mind and Soul

While our bodies, beliefs and behaviours are all interconnected, modern life makes it difficult for us to live in an integrated and healthy manner.

How often do you meet someone who loves what they do for a living, cultivates strong and vibrant relationships and carries a sense of inner peace and wellbeing? Why is a high functioning individual the exception rather than the norm?

As Sharon Salzberg pointed out:

In order to live with integrity, we must stop fragmenting and compartmentalizing our lives. Telling lies at work and expecting great truths in meditation is nonsensical... Every aspect of our lives is connected to every other aspect of our lives. This truth is the basis for an awakened life.

Our program aims to bring you into greater alignment with your soul's plan and to look at areas that need shifting or fresh energy directed to it.

Therapeutic Retreat

healing retreat nsw
Explore the labyrinth, taking you through the souls journey
therapeutic retreat
sacred space provides a great opportunity to receive guidance & healing
life purpose retreat
Nestled in bushland, find Tranquility within the retreat space and outside it
healing retreats nsw
within walking distance of the healing Mini Ha Ha waterfall

Details About Our Healing Retreat Program

Program Outline:

healing retreats australia

Day 1

Morning Session

We begin by exchanging a story from each of our lives, for what is more powerful than storytelling?  Claiming our stories and reframing our lives as a hero’s or heroine’s adventure can be one of the most empowering measures we take.

Mid Morning Session

The second session involves having a counselling session. My approach is different from traditional counselling in that I use an intuitive process to focus on the heart of issues rather than what the conscious mind might think is important.


Afternoon Session

Breathwork is a valuable tool that helps to bypass the rational mind and work through blockages and outworn beliefs or trauma stored in the body. For those who have not explored this modality before I guide you through the process in a gentle and supportive manner.

Mid Afternoon Session

In the last session of your first day, you’ll focus on clarifying your values to find out what is most important to you as well as look at your sense of purpose or mission in the world. This provides insight into how you can better align the circumstances of your life to match your values and purpose.

Dinner (or the option for you to take in one of the local dining facilities)

Optional Evening Activity

wellness retreats nsw
Spiritual Retreat

Day 2

Morning Session

Day 2 begins with a tarot reading. The tarot draws on both our subconscious and the collective conscious to relay messages which our rational or conscious minds often overlook.

Mid Morning Session

The session involves rethinking your potential, outlining goals and forming a tangible plan to bring more balance into your life and help move you further along the path of the heart.


Afternoon Session

In this guidance session we will explore what came up for you in the previous session and tie everything together.

Mid Afternoon Session

Our last session will involve a reiki or energetic healing session to help release any lingering blockages and ground the new energies which have come in during your intensive experience.

Cost: $590 for a 2-day program *$50 discount applies to weekday retreats.

Inclusions: Meals, workbooks and counselling/healing sessions.

spiritual retreat nsw

Included in your package is an optional stand up paddleboarding session, mountain bike ride or bush walk at the end of day 1 of your program (weather permitting).


Shifting Your Paradigm

spiritual healing nsw

Shedding The Patterns Of The Lower Self

The scholar and mystic, Thomas Merton once said that The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little. Our social and cultural conditioning tends to keep us disconnected from our essential selves and so the first step to awakening to our highest potential often involves clearing away all that no longer serves us or stands in the way of our self-actualisation. This program aims to help chisel off the accretions. Angeles Arrien captured the beautiful transition we undertake in doing so saying:

“I know I’m not at home when I’m in appeasement, weak-heartedness, seduction, drama or exaggeration. I know I’m not at home when I am playing the martyr or the victim and wanting someone else to be responsible for my life and therefore guilt induce others. I’m not at home when I’m controlling, because the opposite of control is trust.”



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Accentuating The Higher Self 

Equally as important as shucking off habits we are outgrowing is to give greater expression to our deepest loves. As Angeles put it:

“I am at home when I have fire; when I am deeply connected to what has heart and meaning, the heart’s fire; when I’m seized by a vision that I want to manifest and bring to the sweet face of Mother Earth. I know I’m on fire when I’ve lost time through some creativity, and when I’ve experienced a moment of tender sweetness and intimacy in a relationship that has substance and depth. I know I’m on fire when I’ve connected to something numinous and extraordinarily beautiful that can only be found when trusting in an unshakable part of myself, in a sacred refuge that I can find in my deep interior.”



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Integration, Self-Love And Connection 

There is perhaps nothing more valuable that we can work on than bringing ourselves into greater alignment, health and finding clarity on our soul's plan. As each of us then shares our filled up selves with our partners, families, communities and the wider world we can truly shift the paradigm on a global scale. In doing so, we reverse the trend which Bill Plotkin spoke of:

‘Interwoven with arrested personal development, and perhaps inseparable from it, our everyday lives have drifted vast distances from our species' original intimacy with the natural world and from our own uniquely individual natures, our souls.”


Retreats NSW

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Finding your life purpose is like the hub of a wheel, everything radiates out from it.


Boost Your Business

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Sacred Geometry Course 

sacred geometry course

Create sacred geometry, learn the 9 numerology archetypes and explore your soul blueprint.

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Couples Retreat

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A program to enrich or revive one's relationship.


Self Discovery Retreat

self discovery retreat

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Spiritual Awakening Retreat

spiritual awakening retreats Australia

A program to explore spiritual awakening and the process of understanding & expressing your soul aspect.

Spiritual RETREAT - learn more

Mental Health Retreat

mental health retreat

A healing program that explores the mother/father wounding and other limiting imprints.


Yoga Retreat 

blue mountains yoga retreat

Discover eastern wisdoms such as yoga, mediation, chakras, ayurveda and more.


Astrology Retreat

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An introduction to astrology where you learn about the zodiacs planets, signs, houses and how they impact one another.


Career Retreat

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Take a mini sabbatical to determine your ideal career & how to actualise it.

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Silent Retreat

silent retreats blue mountains  

Our silent retreats help you attain greater clarity through a calmer mind and clearer perspective.


Midlife Crisis Retreat

midlife crisis retreat

Midlife crisis presents us with a great opportunity to transition from the morning of life into the afternoon of life.

Midlife Crisis Retreat information

Self Love Retreat

solo retreat 

Our self-love retreat is ideal for singles working on relationship patterns and for those who could use some self care and greater appreciation for who they are & what they have to offer the world.


Wealth Retreat

wealth retreats

Take a holistic approach to money management and the psychology of money.


Men's Retreat / Women's Retreat

 mens retreat

Integrate your divine feminine and divine masculine to find inner wholeness,

sustain fulfilling relationships and obtain greater life direction.

Mens RETREAT / Womens retreat INFORMATION

Writing Retreat

writing retreat

Each of us has a unique and interesting story to share. This program looks at writing your life story beginning with childhood.

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Wellbeing Retreat

wellbeing retreats  

A holistic retreat involving creative expression, life guidance, relationship exploration & a range of activities such as astrology/numerology readings, tarot, breathwork, transpersonal counselling & more.


Tarot Retreat

tarot retreat

A Jungian retreat exploring the major arcana #0-3.

Depth psychology & archetypal integration through a tarot course.

tarot course INFORMATION

Writing Retreat (Adolescence)

orphan child archetype

 We each have an interesting and story to share. This program looks at writing your life story with an exploration of adolescence.


Birth Your Business Retreat

business retreat

A new small business is started every 100 seconds. Learn how to take your passions and make your livelihood doing what you love.


Katoomba Writers Retreat

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  • Emotional Healing Retreat

    My experience was profound and very positive for me. I learned a lot about myself and managed to forge a clear trajectory for my journey in life and feel empowered with my newly found knowledge about myself and my place in this world. I found Ginny to be warm, intelligent and empathetic with a world of thought provoking information. I would recommend this retreat to anyone. I will certainly be back. Wonderful, if I could 10 stars I would! - Melissa K
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