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    Restore your inner spark with my empowering & healing services. I offer breathwork, reiki, tarot readings, theta healing and holistic counselling to help you reconnect with your true self.
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Spiritual Healing



Intentional breathing to help process your emotions and feel a deeper sense of relaxation and energy. Read More

Tarot Reading

Draw on the wisdom of the tarot to gain guidance and clarity in your life. Read More


Release energy blockages and realign yourself with a positive energetic state. Read More


Gain a thorough understanding of the underlying causes of issues in your personal life in order to resolve them. Read More

Healing Retreats

Take a well-deserved break at one of our Blue Mountains retreats. Read More
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Wellness Centre

Feeling rundown, lost, or simply not yourself lately? 

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Throughout life's highs and lows, it can be beneficial to get help keeping in alignment with your authentic self. Stay on the right track with the support of a holistic counsellor, tarot reader, reiki practitioner and breathwork facilitator. By combining these healing practices, I can help you get back in touch with your highest self and support your continued growth.

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Holistic Counselling

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The Challenge

We tend to go through life operating on subconscious patterns that aren't always helpful. This could be an unhealthy relationship dynamic we are unaware of or a habit of negative thinking that causes us to feel frequent shame. This can have flow-on effects on the rest of our life, causing stress and dissatisfaction. Given that the majority of our actions and thoughts are habitual, it's vital that we delve deep and unlock them so that we can be free.


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The Solution

Our unconscious mind can be unhelpful, but it is also rich in wisdom and strength. The key is knowing how to access these powerful parts of ourselves, so that we can heal our lives and become the best version of ourselves. My holistic approach incorporates the mind, body, heart and spirit. Tarot uses ancient wisdom to guide and encourage, whilst energy work can release pent up emotions and counselling can facilitate a better cognitive understanding of your life.


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The Results

From feeling lighter and more hopeful, to having a clearer sense of direction and purpose, there are so many benefits of doing healing work. With new insights and perspectives comes the need for you to make choices and take action to direct your life in a productive manner. Through effort and continued practice, you should find that you are breaking out of habituated patterns of behaviour and mindfully creating the life you desire.

"Like many people navigating their late thirties, I had a midlife crisis, which I would later recognise was an awakening. The relationship I was involved in turned abusive, I was losing my self-esteem and the joie de vivre I had always shown. It took all my strength to leave the relationship and move back to Sydney."


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Read About My Journey to become a holistic therapist

After being broken open by life I moved into my work as a healer. As they say, you can only take people as far as you’ve been yourself. Many of the people I work with today are navigating crossroads moments and dealing with the tumult of being cracked open. The overculture tells us to tough it out, be self-reliant and stoic. Sadly, this often leads people to miss the overtures of the soul. It takes courage to reach out for help or guidance but in doing so you might find life dramatically opens up. The musician India Arie wrote the song “Break The Shell” to express this poetically:

Child its time to break the shell
Life's gonna hurt but its meant to be felt
You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
You cannot fly until you break the shell

Courage is not being hard
It's time to peel back all of the layers
You put between who you're meant to be
And you who are
And go be who you are



Spiritual Events Sydney

Connect with like minded people at my regular workshops and events.

I run spiritual events in Sydney as well as from my wellness centre in the Blue Mountains.

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Find out about upcoming events

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Enjoy some articles from our blog

I look forward to you visiting my wellness centre in the Blue Mountains

Enjoy some articles from our blog

  • Tarot The Lovers

    Tarot the Lovers To understand the lovers tarot card it’s important to recognise that it is one of 22 major arcana cards which represent archetypal development or what we could call the soul’s journey. The fool tarot is numbered as zero. Some say this is because we start our journey Read More
  • Benefits of Counselling

    The author Parker J Palmer captured the challenge of integrating our wounds, blindspots and mistakes saying: “What a long time it can take to become the person one has always been! How often in the process we mask ourselves in faces that are not our own. How much dissolving and Read More
  • Breathwork to support working through family dynamics

    Even in very loving families, not every individual in that family is happy, healthy, sane, or safe. You may have done enormous personal work on yourself during the course of your life. You may have evolved into a graceful, peaceful, compassionate, well-adjusted, loving human being… and yet you still may Read More
  • What is Transpersonal Counselling?

    Transpersonal is defined as areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. For millennia, indigenous cultures were connected to the larger rhythms of life and passed on their collective wisdom through storytelling. But since the age of enlightenment, the rational mind has usurped higher wisdom. Read More
  • Breathwork Healing

    We’ve been programmed evolutionarily for fight or flight. The problem with flight is that we tend to store intense emotions in our bodies. Author Fiona Scott-Norman recounts what it was like to grow up in England, a culture famous for suppressing feelings: “My earliest memories are of being told to Read More
  • Tarot and the Collective Consciousness

    The present secular message says we’re reading for inevitable demise. The new age message says we’re on the verge of great awakening. Neither presents a complete picture. To contemplate the heaviness of world affairs, consider the Moon card in the tarot. It appears at the end of the major arcana Read More
  • Healing Childhood Trauma

    Breathwork Holotropic Childhood trauma & the benefits of breathwork in releasing it Among the paradoxes we wrestle with is the tension between human resilience and fragility. Humans have been described as all-terrain vehicles with supercomputers inside that can go anywhere. We’ve survived world wars, major pandemics and outlived dinosaurs. On Read More
  • The Hanging Man - Rediscovering Our Wilder Essence

    Hanging Man Tarot Our Wild, or Instinctual Nature, is growing increasingly more endangered. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés argues that we all have access to this, “powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.”  Consider how tapping into this instinctual nature can change a person’s life... Albert Einstein Read More
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Spiritual Therapist Sydney

  • Tarot Reader Sydney

    Ginny has a warm and authentic energy which put me immediately at ease. The tarot reading honed in on several issues I was experiencing in my life and gave me lots of clarity and relief. Ginny's intuition was spot on and she shared some great resources for me to use going forward as well. I left the reading feeling at peace and happy. - Georgina T
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