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Having a numerology reading, astrology reading or a tarot reading allows us to reconnect with the metaphysical realm and remember why we've chosen to incarnate, helping us to free ourselves from the fears, doubts and everyday concerns characteristic of the material realm.

Our whole body is an antenna, tuning in to the web of the collective unconscious.

Consciousness exists in every cell, every atom of our bodies. We have developed, or rather unravelled, in such a way that we choose to host our consciousness in our intellectual mind.

We allow ourselves to be led by our thinking, not by our intuition and instinct, which come from the heart and our subtle fields of energetic perception.

If we can recalibrate our inner alchemy to perceive consciousness in other areas of our bodies, to allow our intuition and instinct to process external information before it is transferred to our minds for analysis, we will have shifted our experience to one that is attuned to its environment, the wisdom of nature and the light of the self. 

Remembrance of our esoteric blueprints helps restore our vitality and provides impetus to continue with our soul's development and life work.

spiritual guide


Tarot Retreat

tarot retreat

A jungian retreat exploring the major arcana #0-3.

Depth psychology & archetypal integration through a tarot course.

tarot course INFORMATION

Sacred Geometry Course 

sacred geometry course

Create sacred geometry, learn the 9 numerology archetypes and explore your soul blueprint.

sacred geometry workshop INFORMATION

  • Numerology Reading

  • $100
  • One hour reading
  • Numerology chart
  • Numerologist analysis
  •  BOOK a reading
  • Astrology Reading

  • $100
  • One hour reading
  • Astrology chart
  • Astrologist analysis
  • BOOK a reading
  • Compatibility Chart

  • $100
  • One hour reading
  • Astrology Compatibility OR
  • Numerology Compatibility
  • BOOK a reading
  • Soul Blueprint Package

  • $250 
  • Numerology reading 1hr
  • Astrology reading 1hr
  • Tarot reading 1hr
  • BOOK a package
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