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  • ∙ The foundations of numerology

    ∙ How to cast a chart

    ∙ The core components of a numerology chart and how they aspect together

    Undertake this as a group learning experience or as a one-on-one retreat experience where we delve into your personal birth chart as part of your learning.

    Alternatively, you can participate in the Sacred Geometry Retreat which combines tactile learning with mental learning.
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    • Numerology
    • SacredGeometry
  • Making Sense of Midlife Changes and our Necessary Rebirth.

    While The Destroyer (loss and upheaveal) can strike at any time of life, it is typically strongest as we approach or move through our 40s.

    Undertake this as a group learning experience or as a one-on-one retreat experience focusing on either the midlife passage, spiritual awakening/ego dissolution or a blend of these two programs:

    Midlife Crisis & Renewal Childhood or Spiritual Awakening & Metamorphosis.
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    • MidlifePassage
  • A course which looks to awaken your latent creativity and deeper vision.Undertake this as a group learning experience or as a one-on-one retreat experience where you will delve into the Creator archetype (renewal) be it through spiritual awakening, artistic development or career expression.

    Alternatively, you can participate in the Tarot Retreat which has a focus on the major arcana card of The Empress (discovering your creativity) and The Emperor (manifesting your creativity). Tarot Retreat info.
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    • ArchetypalPsychology
  • Interpreting Life Events Using the Guidance of Archetypes.

    Our next group event will be January 2023.

    Alternatively you might consider doing one of our in depth life writing programs which are taken individually: Excavating Childhood or Exploring Adolescence.
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Sacred Geometry Class

A two day retreat which takes a kinaesthetic and artistic approach to understanding numerology, sacred geometry and your unique soul blueprint.

Two and a half millennia ago, while devising the world’s first algorithm and using it to revolutionise music — that hallmark of our humanity — Pythagoras considered the purpose of life, concluding that we must “love wisdom as the key to nature’s secrets.”

The body’s structure is a mirror of our psyche, a denser expression of the energetic patterns of our soul.

Body and soul somehow partake of the same design. But in what way can a mathematical ratio permeate our souls? Through beauty.

A deep part of ourselves recognises in flowers and dancers the beauty of the mathematical infinite and sees in it the endlessness of our own depths. Natural beauty resonates with the archetypal nature within us.

sacred geometry school

What You Will Learn 

  • The foundations of the 9 numerology archetypes
  • A history of sacred geometry
  • How to draw sacred geometry patterns
  • The interconnectedness of nature, the human body and celestial bodies

Event Details 



7 Seventh Avenue Katoomba NSW

Saturday April 2 & Sunday 3 - 2022 





What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Soul Blueprint Reading

    Having never experienced a Numerology reading or Astrology Reading before, I did not know what to expect. I went in completely open and Marcus really helped shine a light on myself, and showed me things about my inner workings that I were not even conscious of, but upon reflection were very true. Having had a soul blueprint with Marcus, I feel a sense of drive, curiosity and eagerness to challenge myself like never before to reach further than I ever thought I could ever get to. I feel empowered and much more confident in my past and the possibilities of my future. - Craig D
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