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Numerology Course | Numerology Workshops in person & online

Numerology Course

Wanting to become a numerologist or learn about the mystery that is you? This two day course provides an introduction into the sacred wisdom of Numerology using your Date of Birth and Name.

Many people go through life without ever knowing what they have come here to accomplish and what are the major lessons and themes their Soul has chosen to learn.

Understanding your souls blueprint, or operating manual, can propel you into a life of purpose and fulfilment. Numerology is also an invaluable tool in understanding how the people you care about are wired, allowing for greater harmony in relationships and healthy appreciation of difference.

numerology course

What You Will Learn 

  • The foundations of numerology
  • How to cast a chart
  • The core components of a numerology chart and how they aspect together

Event Details 




Nature Care College Greenwich NSW

Saturday August 31 & Saturday September 7 - 2019

Nature Care College


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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Soul Blueprint Reading

    Having never experienced a Numerology reading or Astrology Reading before, I did not know what to expect. I went in completely open and Marcus really helped shine a light on myself, and showed me things about my inner workings that I were not even conscious of, but upon reflection were very true. Having had a soul blueprint with Marcus, I feel a sense of drive, curiosity and eagerness to challenge myself like never before to reach further than I ever thought I could ever get to. I feel empowered and much more confident in my past and the possibilities of my future. - Craig D
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