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Spiritual Healing

spiritual healing sydney

What an unusual year 2020 was for me, my loved ones, family, neighbours, community and the global village we call planet earth.

We experienced great change alongside loss, crisis, grief, uncertainty, despair, anger, sadness and a whirlwind of emotions. But with this comes renewal, rebalance, rejuvenation, realignment, reevaluating and rewiring to make for a better planet. Maybe you can't see it now, but the universe and our planet have an intelligence that is much greater than our own. 

For example: Did you know the Pecan tree works as a connective collective? The trees are continually communicating with each other above and underground to make sure that each tree has the best chance of producing pecans for their continual survival. 

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Online Tarot Course

tarot readers in sydney

Carl Jung pointed out that our ancestors believed in gods; we believe in vitamins — both invisible.

Speaking about the ego and the grip of the rational mind he went on to say,

“We congratulate ourselves on having reached a pinnacle of clarity, imagining that we have left all these phantasmal gods far behind. But what we have left behind are only verbal specters, not the psychic facts that were responsible for the birth of the gods. We are still as much possessed by autonomous psychic contents as if they were Olympians. Today they are called phobias, obsessions, and so forth; in a word, neurotic symptoms.”

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Tarot Reading Onlineonline tarot reader

 The tarot invites us to see life as a great adventure, if not a quest.

When I first discovered tarot as a teenager it offered a richer view of the world and its mysteries than what I experienced going to a strict and sombre all girls Catholic school.

Showing a natural affinity for reading intuitively for friends, I seized opportunities that presented to read cards for people in Sydney cafes and markets.

Within a couple of years, I found myself in Ibiza where I did tarot readings for locals and tourists, which showed me that the symbolism of the tarot transcends language barriers.

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Wellbeing Health Retreats

wellbeing retreats


Words such as "depressed" and "anxious" don’t exist in some American Indian and Alaska Native languages. Quite a contrast from modern society, where The World Health Organization names depression as the single leading cause of disability globally.

If you were born after 1945, you’re 10 times more likely to experience depression. From 2005-15, cases of depressive illness increased by nearly a fifth. Around 1 in 5 people won’t make it through the year without having a battle with mental illness.

In 1827, during the European colonisation of North America, a doctor met with over 20,000 native Americans to check on their health. He never saw or even heard of a case of insanity among them. His insights don’t appear to be isolated, the consensus is that mental illness was absent in tribal cultures.


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