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  • Do I need to attend each day to experience the full benefit? +

    We understand that with busy lives and many commitments, not everyone can manage to block out a full weekend. As the workshop program will be repeated after each cycle, you might find that you are only able to come one day over the weekend, but might then come the other day you missed when the program cycle begins again.
  • Will there be other tools or follow up sessions to support continued learning? +

    In addition to these weekend workshops, we will soon be offering retreats for individuals. These will be a blend of self-directed learning and daily debriefs with Marcus and Ginny. Over time this will be extended to facilitate group retreats. Marcus and Ginny both offer individual counselling and guidance sessions. Marcus focuses largely on career guidance and helping people find their life purpose, while Ginny’s areas of expertise are personal empowerment, relationships and family dynamics. You can read on to find out more about the services Ginny offers. Read More
  • I am interested in your events but am unclear what is involved. Could you please give me more detail on what will be happening during the workshops, who is speaking and what qualifications they have? +

    Our ‘about us’ page goes into detail about the format of the workshops. Marcus Dabb runs the bulk of the workshop sessions. He has a qualification in Workplace Training & Assessing, Employment Services and Small Business Management. He is currently undertaking a bachelor in Secondary Teaching, focusing on English and History. His career has focused on teaching and working with individuals on their vocational development. His life outside of work has centred on personal development and gaining greater self-awareness. Ginny Shearer is a counsellor with a social work background, currently completing a bachelor of social science. Guest speakers also take part from time to time in sharing with the group as do some of the participants. You can find out more about Marcus' background by reading on. Read More
  • I live a long way from the Blue Mountains so I was wondering if you might offer a class online? +

    With collaborative learning and personal connection being a major focus of our workshops, we are only offering in-person classes at this time. There is, however, the option to have personal consultations via skype/facetime. Marcus focuses largely on career guidance and helping people find their life purpose, while Ginny’s areas of expertise are personal empowerment, relationships and family dynamics. Contact us to find out more. Read More
  • Living interstate, I am thinking about tying in a short break/holiday with the workshop. Is there much to see in the Blue Mountains? +

    Our events are run in Katoomba, which is the heart of the Blue Mountains. It is home to a variety of cafes, architecturally beautiful old buildings, cultural centres, art galleries and a raft of spectacular bushwalks, waterfalls and lookouts. The area is a hotspot for canyoning and other outdoor adventures. Katoomba also boasts Scenic World, home to the steepest railway in the world and one of Australia’s most visited tourist attractions. Other attractions include taking a trip to nearby Jenolan Caves, home to Australia’s most impressive caving site. Our venue is also a short stroll from Minni Ha Ha Falls, a beautiful waterfall and swimming spot. Booking a trip that gives you a couple of extra days either side of the workshop events is a great way to fully unwind, as well as process some of the insights you will glean from your time with us. It also provides the opportunity to work individually with Marcus or Ginny to more deeply explore areas you are working through. Read on to find out more about Marcus’ services Read More
  • My family and I are soon migrating from England to the Blue Mountains. We are a family of musicians, healers, writers, dreamers, ball catchers and castle builders! We would love to know more about your creative community building and happiness making :-) +

    How lucky for us. Hope you’re moving over soon, you sound like a wonderful addition to our community! You can find out more on our ‘about us’ page. Read our blogs to get more of a sense of what we’re about. Feel free to also subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with developments and to hear first about upcoming events. Read on to subscribe Read More
  • I am vegetarian and wanted to check if this will be catered for? +

    All main meals supplied are vegan, some of the morning/afternoon tea items such as cakes are vegetarian, with some vegan options also.
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