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Coming from a family with a strong psychic line on the female side, I possessed a clear intuitive ability as a child.

I was introduced to the Tarot at age 19 when a friend gave me a deck. The moment I looked over them I realised there was something much deeper than the surface images. While reading for friends I quickly discovered I had something of a gift for it.

Before I knew it I was reading at cafes and markets. After an agent recognised my talent at reading I expanded into the festival circuit and other avenues, both in Australia and Europe.

When my career took off, I reserved reading tarot occasionally for friends. Recently I’ve returned to it and found that having since undertaken a great deal of personal growth as well as studies into the Tarot and Archetypal Psychology, my reading ability has developed significantly.


My Counselling and Guidance Journey


As a Cancerian, my personality has always been nurturing, caring, compassionate and loving. As such I’ve typically been the unofficially designated counsellor in my circle of friends and the first person people go to in times of crisis, angst or indecision. Out of all the Tarot cards I resonate most with the moon, which also happens to be the planet ruling of Cancerians. The Moon is a luminary that reminds us her reflective light can serve as a source of intuitive clarity. To be a truly effective guide, or counsellor, one must demonstrate more than just a kind and caring nature. They have to live authentically and be realising their own potential. Additionally, they must have a good understanding of human nature and the psychology behind what we do.

In my journey towards self-understanding and wholeness I expanded beyond the Western philosophies and religion of my culture, to investigate other paths. In addition to the mystic sciences of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology, I delved into Buddhism, Meditation and Transpersonal Psychology among other things. Upon taking my journey of authenticity, I realised that my career path would need to change and so began my formal studies in Counselling, Community Services and Youth Work. Having worked in the field of Social Work, I have recently begun a university degree in Social Welfare. I also teach Ethics classes in Primary Schools. In addition to work and studies, my ability to help guide others has been aided by my personal studies into psychotherapy and personal development, as well as my ongoing practices in Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.


Newspaper article on my Tarot readings in Europe and a recent photo from my time reading in Asia

I am a clear and warm communicator with a strong desire to help see people lead more authentic and vital lives. My personal journey has involved redefining my family dynamics, relationships and the vocational aspect to my life. In taking control of my life and becoming more real, the external areas of my life have transformed to match the inner. Beyond delivering insights from the deck, I am able to draw on my knowledge and personal experience to help you overcome fears, heal wounds and change thought patterns in order that all of your significant relationships begin to flourish, especially the one you have with yourself.

“Most of us are anxious to improve our circumstances, but are unwilling to improve ourselves. And we therefore remain bound.” - James Allen

How deep we go and how transformative the experience will be depends entirely on your openness and willingness to move forward in your life. As Theresa Francis-Cheung pointed out: “The cards give you images and symbols to focus your vague intentions and transform them into action. Your will is the magic. In other words, you are the magic.”

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  • It is with absolutely gratitude I thank you for my reading yesterday. I actually slept last night for the first time in a long time. It didn't take long before the mental shield of armour went up and all I did was walk away giggling. Thank you. - Tina

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