Breaking Through To The Life You Desire

Perhaps you have already broken out of your shell and are finding expression for your authentic self. If your life is already high functioning, you may simply be looking for a little fine tuning, be it some advice, confirmation or a fresh perspective to facilitate your continued growth.

But if you’re like the majority of us, you’re probably finding some areas of life are thriving while others may be withered or in need of some critical attention.



I met a prophet dark as the night

She could see into my soul

Said she'd been watching and had some advice

She said shadows make you whole

A life without pain is a wolf in sheep's clothes

Cause if you listen to the lessons that it holds

You'll find the gold

Child its time to break the shell

Life's gonna hurt but its meant to be felt

You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself

You cannot fly until you break the shell

"Perception Goes Beyond The Shell Of Appearance... and Into Essence." - Gary Zukav


So much of our focus is directed to creating a comfortable and secure existence. But once we manage to attain it, those pleasant feelings quickly deteriorate into boredom and malaise. A deeper part of us demands that we feel intensely alive and regularly participate in new and rich experiences.

One reason we get intrigued by biographies is that our own lives feel unremarkable. So we turn to stories of people who have, or continue, to live at the frontiers of possibility. In doing so we become enthralled or inspired by remarkable lives. Look deeper though and there tends to be a common thread among memorable lives.

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The Problem

Just as the vast majority of an iceberg lies below what is seen on the surface, so too does our deepest wisdom lie locked away, below the surface of the conscious mind. Being unaware of this other, greater 90%, it’s no wonder that we struggle to flourish and live rich, meaningful lives.


The Solution

Tarot’s use of archetypes, astrology, the four elements and other areas, fosters access to the wisdom of our subconscious and the collective unconscious. So too does energy work and utilising an intuitive counsellor. Our holistic approach incorporates the mind, body, heart and spirit.


The Result

This partly depends on you! The real challenge comes after hearing of new possibilities, fresh insights and different perspectives. Should you take action and continue developing you may find yourself breaking out of habituated patterning and social accretions to unleash your most essential and authentic self.

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